3 Charlotte Networking Groups You Should Join

Charlotte Networking GroupsAs the primary source of business development for our organization, I leverage the powerful and supportive business community here in Charlotte. I’ve never experienced a city that supports its local businesses as well as Charlotte. While there are many organizations from which to choose, the groups I’m currently involved with are as follows:

1. BLOC (Business Leaders of Charlotte)

The BLOC value statement is impressive. BLOC helps both large and small companies located in Charlotte and the surrounding communities. The BLOC membership is a diverse make-up of professionals where each member is guaranteed industry exclusivity. This strong community of complementary businesses ensures that BLOC membership creates an easy referral process.

Though I’m a relatively new member, the organization prides itself on its welcoming philosophy and encouraging a business ‘family.’ Having a young company, it’s helpful to be a part of a community that is so willing to help you grow.

2. Business Sorority

Created and led by the uber fabulous MEL MILLER, Business Sorority is a group of women associated for a common purpose; a sisterhood. This group of women joined together in friendship for leadership and academic purposes.

Business Sorority is women helping women. An innovative network of female entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals, we are dedicated to working together to grow our businesses by building relationships. We achieve our success through a commitment to understanding, sharing and helping one another.

The purpose is to provide a progressive network of talent, skills, knowledge and resources around our members to promote growth in their business and personal objectives. We are a community of women for and by women.

3. Arrowood Business Association

The Arrowood Business Association is a nonprofit organization whose members are businesses located within the defined Arrowood area and whose purpose is to foster mutual benefit, encourage business among members, and improve the work area environment through active participation within the community.

For me, the most impressive part about the ABA is their continuing and unbridled support of the local schools. Olympic High School has continued to grow, improve and provide thought leadership in the ever-changing world of STEM education. The ABA has offered financial support and ongoing consultation, and continues to help create awareness about Olympic.

Though I’ve been involved in several groups in Charlotte, all of which have had an effect, these three seem to stand out in the current GoBeyond SEO journey. I encourage any business owners looking to grow and gain support locally to make it a point to visit one of these groups.


3 Charlotte Networking Groups You Should Join by

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  1. Michael LaRocca March 10, 2017 at 3:23 am #

    I also recommend the Association of Charlotte Area Consultants. You can probably find them on Meetup and/or Google. They’re definitely worth looking for.

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