4 Free Ways Law Firms Can Increase Their Online Presence

In our last blog post we discussed the importance of Bing for your law firm marketing strategy based mainly on the cost and amount of searches.  It’s safe to say that there are thousands, if not millions of people in your area searching for the services you offer.

In order for those people to find your law firm there are several things you can do right now to increase your online presence.  Most of these do not take a lot of time, and quite often they are free.  There’s no reason that your law firm shouldn’t be taking advantage of them.

Directory Listings for Law Firms

Directories, like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, AVVO, and literally thousands of others, are an SEO tactic your law firm needs to start implementing.  Directories are great because they have a two-fold impact.

  1. Increase Exposure – the more directories you get listed on the more exposure you’ll get.  Claiming profiles on Google and Bing are no-brainers.  Other directories like Yelp and AVVO also have their advantages.  Thousands of people search these everyday and they are looking for services your firm offers.
  2. Increase Rankings – directory listings are, and continue to be, a strategy that SEO experts use to get websites ranked higher in search engines.  So as you get listed in these different directories you are increasing your exposure and also helping your rankings.  Win-win!

Law Firm On-Page SEO

Many people don’t understand, or don’t think that they’ll be able to implement on-page SEO, but that shouldn’t be the case.  If your law firm is on WordPress (or something similar) on-page SEO is a breeze.  I’ve implemented on-page SEO for dozens of websites across all different platforms.  Some are easier than others to implement, but I can tell you from experience that it can be done on any website.  I’m no programmer or developer, so give it a try because it will pay huge dividends.

If your website is already up and running there are a few things you should focus on.   It’s probably too late to change URLs and you may not have the technical ability to make your website faster, but you want to make sure you have the proper keywords in the title-tag & meta-description.

These will be the 2 most important areas for on-page SEO on your website.

We could really dive deep into on-page SEO, but there are plenty of articles that do that already.  Plus, we know you’re busy.  So if you only have time to do a little bit, make sure to do the title-tag & meta-description.

Lawyer Blogs

Writing a blog can be boring, time consuming, and a waste of time if it isn’t done right, so all the more reason to do it well.  We’d rather see you write one post a month that is 1200+ words and really kicks-ass, than a few boring posts that are 200-300 hundred words that don’t say much.

What makes a good blog post?  Here’s a blog post we published awhile back that covers blogging and sales, but a lot of the tenants are the same.

When you post a blog it needs to be informative, helpful, have a CTA, be the proper length, etc, but most importantly it needs to think like a customer. 

It needs to answer questions your potential clients are looking for.  If you’re a DUI attorney what would your potential clients be typing into Google?  You need to find that out and then honestly answer those questions in your blog.

How much will a DUI attorney in Nashville cost?  Will I lose my license if I get a DUI in Texas? Will I lose my job?

Some of the answers might not be what your potential client wants to hear, but you need to be honest.  If they can’t afford your services then why try to get them to contact you?  If they know they can’t afford you, they won’t waste your time or theirs.

Social Media for Lawyers

Typically when we think of social media we think of sharing some news and pictures with our friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and a few others.

In the increasingly growing world of social media there’s plenty of room for law firms to make their mark as well.  It helps build your brand and keeps your firm on people’s minds for when they need your services. Depending on what the focus of your firm’s services are, should affect which social medium you use most.

If you deal with tax law for business LinkedIn is probably best.  If you focus on bankruptcy Facebook is where you need to be.  Either way you should start small.  Find the best platform for your firm and just focus on that one for now.  Establish a presence before you move onto others.  Social media can take time so it’s best to do one well, instead of spreading yourself thin.

Online Presence for Lawyers

Creating an online presence doesn’t have to be incredibly time consuming or expensive.  All of the ideas I have laid out here are 100% free!  They will take some time, but building a business and expanding the growth of your law firm isn’t easy.  If you have a staff (receptionist, marketer, para-legal, attorneys, etc) you can divide and conquer.

If you’re a solo-practioner it may take a little longer but try and set aside a little time everyday.  Take 15 minutes a day (or an hour or 2 a week) and dedicate that time towards growing your online presence.

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