5 Essential Elements of Your Law Firm Marketing Landing Page

law firm marketingWhen you’re running an online marketing campaign for your law firm it’s important to send qualified traffic to pages that will convert i.e landing pages.

Traffic, whether it’s organic, from social media or coming from paid sources like Google Adwords or Facebook,  needs to be sent to a page that will maximize the conversions.

We often see people sending traffic to generic pages like their homepage or contact us page, and these pages aren’t built for conversions.  If you’re ranking in search engines organically, you don’t really have a say as to where the traffic will be sent (to a certain degree, but we won’t get into that now), but if you provide links in social media, or are paying for ads, you have complete control over where the traffic will end up.


Take Advantage of this Opportunity & Send The Traffic to Landing Pages That Are Built to Convert

5 Essential Elements of Building Landing Pages That Convert

We’ve built a lot of landing pages over the years, especially for lawyers and law firms, so we’re fortunate to know what works.  After countless split tests, design tweaks, copy changes, and conversion tracking metrics, we can share the 5 essential elements of designing landing pages for your law firm.

We’ll be using this page as an example throughout the post so go ahead and open it up for reference.


#1  Clear, Concise Headline

A clear & concise headline can make or break a landing page.  You need to be able to show your USP in a few words (a headline).  A sub-head, and a little bit of copy may also be used, but most people searching the internet will land on your page and immediately see your headline.  You’ve got to be able to grab their attention right away and get them to act.

It’s also important to speak their language, so keep this in mind when you’re writing your copy.  If you are a personal injury attorney use words and phrases associated with personal injuries (the same goes for divorce, medical malpractice, estate planning or whatever other service you provide).  It’s important to speak the language of potential clients.

Don’t use industry jargon that no one will understand

A clear and concise headline is the perfect opportunity to say what service you are providing, why they should choose you and what benefits you have over other firms.

#2  Offer One Service & One Service Only

Let’s say you’re a solo attorney with a small practice and you focus on DUI’s and bankruptcy cases.  Awesome!  When you build a landing page and send traffic to it, you need to focus on one of your services.  If you want to grow your practice through DUI’s and bankruptcy that’s great, but you can’t do it on the same landing page.  You need to have separate landing pages for each service.

Every landing page needs to focus on one practice area and one area only

This may mean a little bit more work, but trust us, in the long run it’s worth it.  And..it’s nearly impossible to write a clear & concise headline if you’re trying to write one for 2-3 different services.

In the example landing page above ‘medical malpractice’ is the main area of focus.  It’s ok to have a completely different sub-section that discusses the specific areas of medical malpractice but that’s it! This page should not be for medical malpractice and bankruptcy, or anything else for that matter.

#3 Phone Number (and tracked)

Every good landing page needs to have a phone number and it needs to be a displayed prominently on the page.  You may be thinking that not that many people will call so it’s no big deal if you don’t have one, but it is!

Your Landing Page is More Likely to Receive Phone Calls than Form Submissions

We also highly recommend using a phone tracking service like CallRail (this is NOT an affiliate link. This is just who we use and recommend).  This way you can track down to the day and time when you are receiving calls.  All of this data is important to help determine when conversions are coming in.  The more you know the more finely tuned you can campaign gets.  And finely tuned means saving money, so it’s well worth the cost.

#4 Form and Button

This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how often we’ve seen some landing pages that didn’t have a form clearly visible.  This is also one of the main reasons you send traffic to landing pages and not your website.

Website pages for the most part are not designed to convert…landing pages are.

I also made it a point to include “button” in this essential element.  You’ll notice the button on the example page says, ‘Get Help Now’.  You need to avoid generic button text like ‘Submit”.  We could write a thesis on calls-to-action and button text, but for now simply jazz up your text.  If you’d like to dive in deeper check out this article.

#5 Testimonials

Testimonials do a number of things.  They show prospects that you’re capable of helping them.  They help gain trust, and when it’s on a landing page they’ve been shown to help increase conversion rates by as much as 10%.

If you’re a new law firm and you don’t have any testimonials I would recommend asking for them immediately.  Start gathering them asap.  Even if you’re new maybe you’ve helped out a friend or family member pro bono;  That’ll work too.  You don’t need to lie (and you shouldn’t) and you can even launch your page without them, but be mindful on adding them once you have them.

Landing Page Design Bonus Tip

Take a look at the example page and let me know if you notice something.  See it?  Actually that was kind of a trick question because what I’m referring to is NOT on the landing page.

Notice that there is no navigation, no social media profile links, no blog posts, etc.  There are only calls to action.

Either fill out the form or call me! 

We are looking for conversions, not social media followers.  There’s a time and a place for all those things..just not on landing pages.

Landing pages are designed to convert

The example page we shared has a phone number at the top, a form, and several CTA buttons throughout the page.  Now a lawyers page might need disclaimers and privacy policy’s as required by law and to not violate any bar standards, but that’s it. Do what’s required by law of course, but nothing more.

Keep it simple, and keep it converting.

Landing pages can be a powerful tool in your online marketing plan but they must be used and designed properly.  The good thing though, is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer or coder to make these changes or to implement them when you build your own.

Take advantage of the years of experience we have building landing pages, and the countless hours of design and testing we’ve done, and make sure your landing pages have these 5 essential elements.

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