Grandin Heights

Customer Overview

Grandin Heights is a luxury townhome development located just outside the bustling Uptown district of Charlotte, NC. It was designed to reflect the craftsman-style architecture historically found in the transitional Charlotte neighborhood of Wesley Heights.

Grandin Heights was designed to offer the best of urban living, infused the character of a walkable, history-rich neighborhood. The development appeals to Charlotte’s younger, professional demographic.

Case Study: Grandin Heights

Key Challenges & Objectives

  • Grandin Heights is one of the first new developments in Charlotte’s Wesley Heights district so selling the townhomes also required “selling” the neighborhood as hip, trendy and desirable.
  • Traditional print advertising campaigns were having difficulty breaking through the clutter and reaching this young & busy demographic.
  • The developers were reluctant to embrace digital marketing tactics asprint marketing for previous developments was enough.

GoBeyond Solution

Case Study: Grandin Heights

GoBeyond built a new, beautiful landing page for the townhomes that was designed to convert web traffic into leads. The page was designed to visually attract potential buyers as well entice them into filling out a form for more information.

Case Study: Grandin Heights

The new landing page was built to have the same branding as the original website, but was also designed to convert leads.

Case Study: Grandin Heights

GoBeyond used call tracking telephone numbers to forward calls to the sales office. These tracking numbers and other conversion tracking methods allowed us the ability to see which advertising, including keywords and Facebook audiences, was working for Grandin Heights.

Case Study: Grandin Heights

Advertising themes were developed to match the interests of this younger, professional demographic and promoted on various forms of social media.

Case Study: Grandin Heights

We researched various “in market” audiences to focus Grandin Height’s advertising on. We showed ads primarilty to people in the market for a new home in the Charlotte area. This vastly improves advertising efficiency and return on investment.

Case Study: Grandin Heights

This new strategy implemented all the right traffic and lead generation tools like interest targeting, retargeting ads, conversion optimization, ad copy testing and mobile campaigns to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time so traffic turned into leads, which turned into sales.


“Working with GoBeyond is a pleasure. They are friendly, professional and they really know what they’re doing. We love being able to see which campaigns are working best so we can adjust our resources accordingly. We continually get better return’s by making these adjustments. You should talk to Gobeyond SEO. ”
– Jessica Lawrence, Grandin Heights

The effect of these new, digital strategies on Grandin Heights lead generation and townhomes sales was remarkable. Before implementing this new system, Grandin Heights has no ideas where their best leads were coming from so they weren’t able to consistently attract high-quality leads.

Once their digital campaigns were launched, Grandin Heights could see how well their advertising were performing so they could make informed decisions on where to spend their adverting budget, which greatly increased the return on their advertising investment.

98.58% increase in online traffic in the very first month

Cost per lead dropped 43%

96% increase in calls from digital marketing

Traffic from Google Adwords Sitelinks increased 160%

The was a 3x increase in monthly leads generated

Seeing immediate boosts in their advertising, Grandin Heights used the new-found information from their digital marketing campaigns to adjust how they spent their advertising dollars.  They adjusted their resources to the best performing channels and were able to sell out this development 6 months ahead of schedule.

Your Next Steps

If you’re interested in achieving the same kinds of results for your firm, then we should talk. Generating consistent and predicable leads is simple.  You need to follow the right process.

We know the process and can help you apply it to your firm.

If you’re ready for explosive growth like Grandin Heights is getting, schedule a Strategy Session to discover if our Predictable Leads System can help your firm grow.