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Matthew Marcellino,

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Law Firm Marketing Case Study

Case Study: Marcellino & Tyson

Customer Overview

Marcellino & Tyson PLLC is a Charlotte law firm focusing on the practice areas of family law, business law, employment law, civil litigation, and ERISA law. The firm is committed to working tirelessly to protect the futures of their clients and they work to resolve your case as quickly as possible, saving you expense and stress. They helpfully guide their clients through this process.

Key Challenges & Objectives

  • Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC was using Adwords but had no way to track the results. While they “felt” like their marketing was performing, they had no way of knowing how well it was performing or if they were seeing an ROI.
  • A firm partner was overseeing campaigns and doing his best to manage them but he knew his time could be better spent and that an expert could optimize his campaigns.
  • Firm partners were reluctant to hire a marketing company who worked with competing law firms. They wanted a competitive advantage, that being exclusivity.

GoBeyond Solution

Case Study: Marcellino & Tyson

GoBeyond SEO built a new responsive, digital funnel to convert traffic from Marcellino & Tyson’s digital advertising. The funnel integrated multiple tracking softwares into one reporting platform.

Case Study: Marcellino & Tyson

The digital funnel was built to have the same look as the website but the funnel is designed to convert traffic into leads.

Case Study: Marcellino & Tyson

Marcellino & Tyson’s Adwords campaigns were completely rebuilt from the ground up. GoBeyond created the campaigns based on extensive competitor research as well as insightful keywords specific to the legal market.

Case Study: Marcellino & Tyson

Call tracking and other conversion tracking methods were installed so Marcellino & Tyson would know exactly – how their marketing is performing.

Case Study: Marcellino & Tyson

This new strategy implements all the right traffic and lead generation tools including retargeting ads, conversion optimized landing pages, ad copy testing, and mobile only campaigns.

Group 12

An Organic SEO campaign was started in conjunction with paid search.  As the website sees an organic increase in leads, Google Ads will be adjusting accordingly.


“Within a couple of months of switching to GoBeyond, we saw a 6x increase in web leads. Our calls to the office almost doubled and our cost per lead dropped by 90%. GoBeyond gets results.” – Matthew Marcellino, Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC

The effect of the new digital marketing campaign on Marcellino & Tyson’s lead generation has been remarkable. The month prior to implementing the Predictable Leads System™, Marcellino and Tyson generated 9 online leads. In their first month with the our system, Marcellino & Tyson generated 35 leads.

In the past three months, Marcellino and Tyson, PLLC has averaged 43 leads per month, while also seeing a decrease in cost per lead.

6x increase in monthly
leads generated

Cost per lead dropped from $509.25 to $45.70

46.7% increase in
website traffic

42.8% increase in
organic traffic

97% increase in calls from digital marketing

Averaged 43 leads per month

Since implementing the Predictable Leads System™, the firm has expanded it’s reach for certain services into 3 additional states. It has hired two new Associate Attorneys and expanded its areas of practice.

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