The Organic Maids

Customer Overview

The Organic Maids is a residential and commercial cleaning service provider who uses organic, non-toxic cleaning agents in the Charlotte, NC area.

Business had grown steady over the first few years, but after a rebranding from a national franchise, business slowed, and GoBeyond was brought in to build a new website and completely overhaul all digital marketing campaigns.



Case Study: The Organic Maids

Key Challenges & Objectives

  • The entire online presence for The Organic Maids, including advertising like Google Adwords, was dependent on the decision makers at the corporate/franchise level. Without the ability to manage their advertising directly, it was impossible to determine ROI.
  • They needed an independent and effective online presence that they could control directly and use to generate leads.
  •  Although The Organic Maids had been in business for several years, rebranding was needed, so there was virtually no online presence.  Everything was starting from scratch, including no top 100 rankings for any keyword terms.
  • Residential & Commercial Cleaning is a highly competitive business, and in major metropolitan area you’re competing against national franchises, as well as dozens of mom and pop businesses.
  • Hiring a residential home cleaner is a service that is dependent on trust, and the majority of business can often come from word-of-mouth. 
  • Services booked through third party brokers, lead to higher fees and a higher cost per lead.

GoBeyond Solution

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GoBeyond SEO created a dynamic WordPress website, ready out of the box with on-page SEO and call-tracking installed. 

Case Study: The Organic Maids

The new landing page was built to have the same branding as the original website, but was also designed to convert leads.

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A Google Ads campaign was implemented and optimized to drive relevant traffic to unique landing pages.  Focusing on obtaining leads at the lowest possible costs.

Several themed AdGroups were created to boost the quality score, and in-turn lower costs. Split testing ads & landing pages, combined with proactive bidding and keyword management, works to continually increase the campaign’s efficiency.

Case Study: The Organic Maids

To drive traffic to the site, GoBeyond SEO performed keyword research, and developed a white hat link building strategy in order to get the website ranked fast!

Case Study: The Organic Maids

GoBeyond SEO instituted social media and SEO campaigns for YourOffice-Ballantyne to augment the newly created content and increase exposure in the search engines and social networks.


“”This is awesome! I can’t believe we’re on the first page already, with a brand new website. The leads and customers are flowing in so much better than last year. Thank you!” ”
– Palash, Owner, The Organic Maids

The effect of these new, digital strategies on Grandin Heights lead generation and townhomes sales was remarkable. Before implementing this new system, Grandin Heights has no ideas where their best leads were coming from so they weren’t able to consistently attract high-quality leads.

Once their digital campaigns were launched, Grandin Heights could see how well their advertising were performing so they could make informed decisions on where to spend their adverting budget, which greatly increased the return on their advertising investment.

Within 4 months several terms were ranked #1 overall in Google & Google Maps.

Both the quality & quantity of leads increased for The Organic Maids, helping them to shorten the sales cycle and sell services faster.

Currently 24 terms ranked #1 in Google and Bing.

Currently 61 terms ranked on the 1st page of Google & Bing

Eliminated 3rd party brokers which made the sales process easier and lowered cost per lead.

Seeing immediate ROI, The Organic Maids significantly brought down their cost-per-lead.  They adjusted their resources to the best performing channels and were continue to receive a steady flow of leads.

Your Next Steps

If you’re interested in achieving the same kinds of results for your business, then we should talk. Generating consistent and predicable leads is simple.  You need to follow the right process.

We know the process and can help you apply it to your business.

If you’re ready for explosive growth like The Organic Maids , schedule a Strategy Session to discover if our Predictable Leads System can help your firm grow.