“We hired GoBeyond when our pipeline of fresh leads slowed down considerably. Their marketing program provides us with consistent and quality leads so we’re able to increase our occupancy and revenue. I recommend them to anyone who needs leads to grow.”

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Dave Taylor – President



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Executive Office Space Lead Generation Case Study

Case Study: YOB

Customer Overview

YourOffice-Ballantyne is a serviced office space provider in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC. They provide executive suites, virtual offices, video conferencing and meeting rooms to small businesses and corporations.

After several years of steady growth, lead flow had slowed to a point where occupancy levels were too low and there weren’t enough qualified leads interested in renting office space.

YourOffice-Ballantyne had several marketing issues that caused them to hire GoBeyond SEO.

Key Challenges & Objectives

  • The entire online presence for YourOffice-Ballantyne, including advertising like Google Adwords, was dependent on the decision makers at the corporate level. Without the ability to manage their advertising directly, it was impossible to determine ROI.
  • They needed an independent and effective online presence that they could control directly and use to generate leads.
  • Most office space, meeting rooms and conferences were booked through third party brokers, leading to high fees and a high cost per lead.
  • A major competitor was preparing to open a serviced office space across the street and posed a threat to occupancy levels and base clientele for YourOffice-Ballantyne.

GoBeyond Solution

Case Study: YOB

GoBeyond SEO consulted with YourOffice’s web designer to create a dynamic WordPress site with a blog for SEO and lead capture purposes.

Case Study: YOB

A lead capture form was implemented and optimized on the service pages and in the blog sidebar.

Case Study: YOB

To drive traffic to the site, GoBeyond SEO performed keyword research, developed an editorial calendar and executed a content strategy designed to attract the right website visitors – people looking for executive office space.

Case Study: YOB

GoBeyond SEO instituted social media and SEO campaigns for YourOffice-Ballantyne to augment the newly created content and increase exposure in the search engines and social networks.

Case Study: YOB

YourOffice-Ballantyne believes an educated consumer is their best consumer. Through the content created by GoBeyond SEO, prospects and leads found the answers they needed. In addition, that content is ranked highly in Google. Having content that ranks well in Google lends credence to their products and services and opens further in roads to new prospects.

Case Study: YOB

A Google AdWords campaign was also implemented and optimized to drive relevant traffic at the lowest possible costs. Several themed AdGroups were created to boost the AdWords quality score. Split testing ads, combined with proactive bidding and keywords management, worked to continually increase the campaign’s efficiency.


“We hired GoBeyond when our pipeline of fresh leads slowed down considerably. Their marketing program provides us with consistent and quality leads so we’re able to increase our occupancy and revenue. I recommend them to anyone who needs leads to grow.”
– Dave Taylor, President at YourOffice-Ballantyne
  • Within 8 weeks of launching the new website, lead flow improved dramatically causing occupancy levels for YourOffice-Ballantyne to increase from 78% to over 90% within 5 months.
  • Within 8 months and for the first time in it’s 12 year history, YourOffice-Ballantyne had a waiting list.
  • 100% occupancy with a waiting list is not an easy accomplishment; industry average is 85% occupancy.
  • Both the quantity & quality of leads increased for YourOffice-Ballantyne, helping them to shorten the sales cycle and sell inventory more quickly.
  • Eliminating the need to deal with 3rd party brokers made the sales process easier and reduced their cost per lead.
  • As executive office space inventory went down, GoBeyond SEO and YourOffice-Ballantyne worked together to adjust the content, SEO and PPC campaigns to target prospects for YOB services with more inventory like virtual offices, video conferencing and conference room rentals.
  • Six months into this new campaign, YourOffice-Ballantyne had its highest revenue month ever with 100% occupancy and stronger than expected virtual office and meeting room rentals.
  • As the serviced office space, virtual office space and meeting room markets change over time, GoBeyond SEO and YourOffice-Ballantyne adjust campaign objectives and tactics. We work together to make sure YourOffice-Ballantyne achieves their business objectives.
  • NOTE: GoBeyond SEO was referred to another YourOffice owner, YourOffice-Denver.
    They too, now have 100% occupancy.

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