The Content Marketer’s Blueprint

What is it and Why Should You Care?

It’s no secret. In today’s world, buying decisions are made online. Your prospects are researching solutions to their problems everyday. Are they going to find you or your competitors? You need to make it easy for them for them to find you. And once they do, you need to make it easy for them to convert into lead. This is where our Inbound Marketing Process – the Content Marketer’s Blueprint comes in.


We transform your website into marketing engine with the production of strategic content and offers.


We use your content, social media, search engine optimization as the fuel that turns your engine into a lead generation machine.


The Content Marketer’s Blueprint is an actionable strategic plan designed specifically for your business. It is built with inbound marketing best practices so it will:

  • Attract the RIGHT visitors to your website
  • Convert those visitors into leads
  • Nurture those leads to the point of acquisition
  • Help you close new customers
  • Turn customers into brand evangelists
  • Grow Your Business!

The Content Marketer’s Blueprint created especially for you will align your current sales process with your online marketing. It automates your online sales process – from lead gen to nurturing to closing the sale – the Blueprint is designed to pull prospect through your sales funnel.

The Process for Building and Executing Your Lead Generation Plan:


At GoBeyond SEO, everything begins with strategy. Once you apply for a blueprint we will research the state of your current online marketing as well as the activity in your industry online marketplace. If it looks like your company is good fit for the Content Marketer’s Blueprint, we’ll move on to the next step. Applying for a Blueprint only takes 2 minutes (clickable text) and even if it our research indicates the Blueprint isn’t a good fit for you, we’ll still provide you with some strategies and tactics you can execute on to boost your online marketing. It’s our way of making sure you get at 100x return on your 2 minutes!


Creating your Blueprint begins with defining your ideal customer and reverse engineering your current off-line sales process. Our comprehensive discovery interview & questionnaire allows us to generate a Content Marketers Blueprint that will deliver results for your business.


Your Content Marketing Blueprint comes complete with a framework and process for executing your plan with HubSpot marketing automation software. Building your engine the right way is how we transform your website from a brochure to a lead generation machine. This proven implementation process is endorsed by HubSpot and was featured at the premier Inbound Marketing Conference – INBOUND13.


Your CMB comes packed with actionable information for you can begin your campaign knowing exactly where you are going. You’ll get 24 blog titles and topics, optimized for high search engine rankings and easy social sharing. Your CMB also rebuild your current offline sales process – complete with your customers questions and common sales objections – into an automated online marketing program. Your website becomes your best salesperson!


If you qualify for a Content Marketer’s Blueprint from GoBeyond SEO, we will build and present your actionable Blueprint for FREE. You get to see the online marketing strategy that will grow your business at absolutely no charge. You may be asking yourself, what’s in it for them? Well, I’ll tell you. We want to be your online marketing department! You can execute the Blueprint 100% on your own but we’re hoping you’ll partner with us. Either way, you’ll get to see the Blueprint and hear the strategies and tactics designed for your company’s success, at no charge.

The Content Marketer’s Blueprint is a proven method for increasing your revenue by generating quality leads with your website. You need to do this. We hoping you’ll partner with us. Click the button below to apply now.

Ken at Profit Advisory GroupAfter posting 3 consecutive years of 30+% growth, we knew that in order for this to continue, we would have to get better. We needed to increase the traffic to our website, make better use of social channels, and publicize our reputation as industry experts who create exceptional value for our clients.

We began interviewing organizations who had the skill set and experience to help us achieve these objectives. We were ready to hire a firm when a colleague suggested,that we talk to Trish and Brian at Go Beyond SEO. My partner and I agreed to meet with them as a courtesy. I remember thinking at the time that they would have to knock our socks off, because we thought we had already found the company we wanted to hire.

We hired Go Beyond SEO six months ago. In that time they have streamlined and transformed our on-line marketing efforts. They overhauled our website, set up an Inbound Marketing system and increased our presence on Social Media. This has resulted in a large increase in traffic to our website, and our new system enables us to capture, qualify and follow-up with potential new clients. As a direct result of their work we have already signed new business, and have created an ever-growing library of e-books, case-studies, articles and blog posts.

Best of all, the pro’s at Go-Beyond are easy to work with, great listeners, excellent at what they do, results oriented, and respond quickly to our requests. Their approach is very collaborative, and we consider them to be valuable partners on our team.

– Ken Reda, Managing Partner