Why Your Business Needs Online Marketing

Companies are born to grow. You want to grow. Your competitors want to grow. Just about every business is in the business of growing. Obviously, in order to grow you need to increase sales. What isn’t so obvious is how you need to go about doing that.

The buyer’s journey (or the sales cycle, the sales funnel, whatever name you want to give it) has changed dramatically over the last 5 years with the widespread adoption of the Internet and social media.

Has your sales process evolved with it?

If not, you’re in danger of losing your ability to grow.

Today, prospects are 57% of their way through their buying journey before they even pick up the phone to call a vendor.


So the question, how did they get 57% of the way there?

They did it by researching your products and services on the Internet and reaching out to their networks, often through social media, to help reach their decision.

So if they are already 57% of the way through the funnel by the time they call, let me ask you:

Did they get that information from you or from your competitors?

It is during that 57% of the journey that you can influence how they see their problems and position the right solutions for their needs. Your solutions. Not your competitors.

This is where inbound marketing comes in. It influences the prospect at the end of the buyer’s journey by positioning your bottom-of-the-funnel offer as their solution.

But even more importantly, it influences the prospect at the beginning of the journey. It influences that first 57% where the prospect is mentally building the framework that will help him make his decision.

If you aren’t part of helping him build that framework, you’re missing out. You’re giving your competitors that chance to build the framework in his mind.

You’ll lose the sale and your ability to grow. You have to go after that 57%.

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