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Billy Saemann, Director of Internet Marketing – Charlotte Hounds

Having grown up on Long Island I’ll always be a Mets & Jets fan (more often than not, unfortunately) but I’ve grown to love and support some of my new home teams. I love going to Hornets games and the Panthers can be fun to watch, but my favorite Charlotte area sports team is the Hounds.

The Charlotte Hounds are a Major Leagues Lacrosse team who play their games at Memorial Stadium. I grew up playing lacrosse and although I don’t get on the field much anymore, it’s one of the best sports to watch. The fastest game on two feet!

The Hounds have been around since 2011 and as the sport continues to grow, so do the crowds at Memorial Stadium. It’s a great sport to watch (especially live, although their games are on TV too) and it’s a fun affordable family atmosphere.

Trish Saemann, Director of Business Development – Charlotte Hornets

My maiden name is Walker. I grew up playing basketball. My sons like to spread their arms out and buzz up and down the aisles of the arena. I like wearing a jersey that says “Walker” on the back; so it is safe to say we’re a part of the hive. Bringing the boys uptown is always exciting for them and basketball is a fast-moving sport and it’s easy to get excited about every point. This fact alone keeps my guys engaged (and gives me a momentary break).

I also have respect for any organization that leverages its position in the community to give back to that community. The Hornets have actively given back to vets, supported education and continue to fight hunger in our growing city.

Charlotte should be proud to count the Hornets as one of their own.

Brian Saemann, Director of Products & Marketing – Carolina Panthers

Is it really fall in Charlotte if you aren’t cheering for the Panthers? Growing up in a two-team city I thought intra-city sports rivalries were just how things were done. I like the Jets, Islanders and Mets (that’s right, I’m a JIM). But that meant I had to deal with obnoxious Giants, Rangers and Yankees fans.

What I love about the Panthers is that the whole city gets behind them in way that doesn’t happen in NY. A friend of mine grew up a Giants fan and had moved to Charlotte before the Panthers’ run to Super Bowl in 2003. I wasn’t here yet but he tells me the city was intense. EVERYONE cheered for the Panthers. So much so that he doesn’t even follow the Giants anymore…it’s all Panthers for him.

So while I’m still rooting for Gang Green in the AFC, I hope one day I’m all about the Panthers.

Ali Phalen, Content & Social Media Manager – Charlotte Knights

Charlotte Knights BaseballComing from the Upstate New York area, I grew up going to Rochester Red Wings games (our minor league team) with my family and friends. There was something magic about being sandwiched between my parents, wearing a baseball hat, eating a (Zweigle’s) hot dog and drinking lemonade with my feet up on the seat in front of me, watching intently and listening to the crack of the bat striking the ball. To this day I still love it – except I switch the lemonade out for a draft beer.

Ever since my sisters have lived in the Carolinas, I’ve been attending Charlotte Knights games – especially when their stadium was right near Fort Mill. It has the exact same feel as my Red Wings games and it feels like a piece of home. Now that their stadium is in Uptown Charlotte, I haven’t had many chances to go (and sadly my last game was rained out). But it has a lot going for it! Tickets are cheap, seats are great, the view of uptown from behind home plate is awesome, hotdogs are delicious (but no comparison to Zweigle’s) and Thursday night is $3 domestic draft night – so many wins!

All in all, if you’re looking for a great night out in Charlotte – whether you’re with the family, on a date or with friends – you can’t go wrong with a Charlotte Knights game!

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      I’d been in China for two years, during which I wasn’t able to watch any NFL games. Finally, the decision was made to show a game on TV in China for the first time since 1987. The game was a Super Bowl. We had just moved to a different school, a different home, a different city. From Hangzhou to Shaoxing. On a Saturday. So I told my new boss that he had to get the cable hooked up on Sunday, because the Super Bowl was being played on Monday morning in our time zone. And he did, allowing me to enjoy the first Super Bowl appearance of my beloved Carolina Panthers. Keep Pounding.

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