How to Add a Facebook Admin

While there are several different roles within a Facebook business page, the Admin role has the most access and authority of all the roles.  If someone other than yourself, a marketing agency for example, is managing your Facebook presence and marketing, follow these steps to add them as an Admin to your page:

First, provide the individual with your Facebook page name or the page’s URL link for them to request access.  Once they request access, you will receive a notification on your page (notifications are indicated in the globe in the upper right corner). Once you click the globe and choose the notification to view (GoBeyond SEO has requested access), click it and you will come to this:

how to add a facebook admin

Next, click Respond to Request in the gray rectangle to right of their logo, which will bring up this message:

facebook admin


Now click the checkmark box, confirming you give GoBeyond SEO access to your page.  Next you will see another confirmation:

facebook admin instructions

Click Approve Request and now GoBeyond SEO will receive a notification their request has been approved and will now have access to your page.

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