Get Your Law Firm Marketing Plan Back on Track with Our Legal Leads System

law firm marketing plan Do you ever feel like your marketing company is lagging behind?

You’ve got the website; you have some leads. Your marketing partner says they’re working hard—but what’s actually happening behind the scenes?

We’ve seen way too many clients who have trusted their law firm marketing plan in the hands of people who appear competent and say all the right things, but just use sales tactics to hook you into giving them money every month while delivering sub-par results.

Did you know that the vast majority of people—96% to be exact—are searching for a law firm just like yours, right now, online?

70% of these people will go with the first law firm they speak to.

It’s absolutely essential that your law firm marketing plan includes getting found by the right clients through search engines.

Here’s how our Legal Leads System can double your leads for a fraction of the cost of huge marketing companies.

We Provide Unparalleled Service

We know you’ve probably been burned by a marketing company that took huge amounts of money and offered you little in return. We’re here to change all that.

Our services come in at less than half of what big law firm marketing companies charge and we’ll get you high value leads that turn into real clients.

Here’s how we do it.

We offer flexibility in the form of short-term contracts.

One of the things these companies get you to do is sign a long-term contract so you’re stuck with them. They then continue to take your money and often don’t deliver the results you need to grow your firm.

We build and host your website, but don’t claim ownership.

We’d never try to hold your website hostage just so you can keep paying us for services. Your website is yours and yours alone. Our services stand on their own value. We make you proud to have an attractive, well-maintained website with us.

We never work with your competitors.

Traditional legal marketing firms have no qualms about working with the attorneys you’re competing with. In fact, they know they can’t give you the top results when they’re also providing results to your competitors. No one gets the “best” results when marketing is done this way.

At GoBeyond, one of our core values from the beginning has been never working with your competitors. This means we operate under a first come, first serve basis where we can only work with one firm per region. You can check with us to see if we have availability in your area.

We’re Professionals

Our team at GoBeyond is small, so we’re able to give you the friendly and personalized service you expect from your marketing team, but don’t let our size fool you—we’re seasoned professionals that work hard to provide you with the best law firm marketing plan.

The Legal Leads System we’ve developed has consistently brought in high value clients and predictable leads. Isn’t it time you saw the right kind of results for your money?

Stop getting ripped off by huge law firm marketing agencies. When you work with the team of experts at GoBeyond, we provide you with the best method for delivering the right results, all for a fraction of the cost.

We offer a better way for you to get the right kind of clients and cases. Our law firm marketing plan is effective and reliable, so we don’t need to snag you with a long-term contract. Our methods actually work.

GoBeyond provides value to your firm in the form of consistent leads generated successfully from your law firm marketing plan.

Here’s What We Deliver

law firm marketing plan

When you’re ready to grow your firm and see your lead generation double, set up a strategy session with us. We consistently deliver:

  • An outstanding promise to never work with your competitors
  • Available month-to-month contracts
  • Customer service that’s personalized, friendly, and timely
  • A website that’s owned and controlled by you
  • Website maintenance in just hours, never days
  • Cutting-edge SEO and marketing solutions
  • Secure and prompt website hosting
  • Unique content

Our full service digital marketing package with the Legal Leads System focuses on what actually works instead of charging you for services that aren’t effective. We incorporate best practices to keep your lead generation predictable and secure.

We deliver a personalized, affordable approach to your law firm marketing plan that actually gets results. Our data-driven firm is committed to giving you the absolute best leads. We never settle for second best when it comes to our clients.

From advertising to conversion tracking and web design, we offer a truly competitive approach that takes you light years ahead of the competition and grows your firm through your personalized marketing plan. No more networking events or begging for referrals.

Ready to See Results?

If you’re questioning the results you’re seeing from your current marketing company, it’s time to consider real change.

Take a look at what some of our clients have said about us:

 “I’m thrilled to work with the GoBeyond Team. They removed my “golden handcuffs” and rebuilt the website in just 2 weeks. Now I feel like my marketing team really has my back.”

-Sabrina Winters, Attorney-at-Law, PLLC

Our Legal Leads system is here to provide you with the leads you need to take your law firm to the next level. We do this by attracting the clients and cases you want and providing you with consistent hits on these leads.

 “GoBeyond made it easy. And now that I’ve switched to them, I have the peace of mind of knowing my website is safe and in good hands. They’re real pros.”

-Haley Harden, Harden Law, PLLC

Switching to a small, professional, and ethical firm with GoBeyond gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t to succeed. We work with clients who’ve seen how meager leads can be with large firms and are ready for something different.

“Within a couple of months of switching to GoBeyond, we saw a 6x increase in web leads. Our calls to the office almost doubled and our cost per lead dropped by 90%. GoBeyond gets results.”

-Matthew Marcellino, Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC

Are you ready to be the next testimonial? We invite you to schedule a strategy session with us to see just how much your law firm marketing plan can improve.

Providing you with the best results means exclusivity. It means transparency. It means actual, reliable lead generation. It means the best service at an affordable rate.

Let us show you how we work to create long-term, effective lead generation and guaranteed results for your law firm!

law firm marketing plan

Get Your Law Firm Marketing Plan Back on Track with Our Legal Leads System by

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