Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketingWhat can you accomplish by using LinkedIn to market your business?  LinkedIn is the only social media networking site of its kind which targets business professionals.  It has seen tremendous growth over the years since it began in 2003 and currently has 546 million users, including executives from all Fortune 500 companies.  Additionally, 4 out of 5 of LinkedIn members are decision-makers in their company and according to a LinkedIn study, it is the number one platform for lead generation.

LinkedIn is comprised of building networks and connections. It’s not only about who your connections are, but who their connections are, allowing you to benefit from existing connections as well as promoting your business through word of mouth.

Business pages are created through your personal page so if you don’t have a business page yet, here are some simple steps to get you started.  Just because you have a LinkedIn company page doesn’t mean it’s going to market itself.  Follow these tips from LinkedIn business to increase your chances of success.

Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn

Use Simple Links on LinkedIn

Promoting your LinkedIn Company Page is easy by adding the LinkedIn widget to your email signature, on your website, in blogs and any other marketing materials or sites. Another method is to add a “Follow” button which can be created on LinkedIn.

marketing with LinkedIN
Encourage Your Employees & Colleagues to Connect With Your LinkedIn Company Page

These are the best resources to begin adding followers to your page.  LinkedIn indicates, that on average, employees have 10 times the connections than a company does followers.  Your employees open up an enormous amount of possibilities to expand your reach by utilizing their network of connections.

Publish Valuable & Relevant Content Regularly to LinkedIn

Content is king and it’s no different with LinkedIn Company Pages.  LinkedIn’s recommendation is to post once a day on weekdays. These posts will not only appear on your LinkedIn Company Page, but also on the homepages of your followers.

Ideas for posts can be blog articles, industry news/articles, company news or content from your website. Try not to use just text posts; use images and videos.  Posts with images are said to have 98 percent more comments than text-only posts. Additionally, if you have a YouTube channel for your business, link your videos from LinkedIn. YouTube videos play automatically in the newsfeed on LinkedIn, and are capable of producing a 75% higher share rate, unlike other sites which require you to create video from their platforms to appear in their newsfeeds.

Capitalize on LinkedIn Groups

By joining or creating a group on LinkedIn, you benefit from engaging with others with similar interests or those in the same industry.  Groups share relevant content, allow you gain new business connections, ask questions or find answers, and will drive more traffic to your LinkedIn Company Page.

There are also members-only LinkedIn Groups which can be a valuable resource for  professional growth and development. This Human Resources Group, Linked:HR, has over 969,000 members; what a lucrative opportunity for professional networking!

marketing to linkedIn groups


LinkedIn Ads

There are several ways to advertise on LinkedIn.  You can target based on groups, job titles, industries and more.  There are LinkedIn Ads for brand awareness, lead generation or even event registration.  Here is a little about eachSponsored Content: These are ads created on LinkedIn which appear in the LinkedIn feed and on all types of devices.Sponsored InMail:  Much like the name assumes, your message is delivered to your target audience via LinkedIn messaging. According to LinkedIn, the conversion rate is higher than email.

Text Ads:  These ads are simple to create and you choose choose your budget and whether to pay per click or impression. They appear in the right column of the desktop on user profile pages, LinkedIn Groups pages, search results pages, the LinkedIn homepage, and others.

According to Dan Slagen, Head of Paid Marketing for HubSpot,With LinkedIn Text Ads, we’ve been able to generate a click-through rate that is 60% higher than our average across other social networks – and at the same time, the quality of leads coming through LinkedIn is greater than through other social media channels. There’s no clutter on LinkedIn – members are there to do business.

These are just a few of the ad choices you can create and manage on your own.  There are also Video Ads, Display Ads and Dynamic Ads, all of which can be purchased through a LinkedIn Marketing Partner or ad platform.

Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Showcase pages are aimed at building relationships by highlighting specific aspects of your business.  You can create Showcase Pages from your Company Page to attract members interested in a particular segment of your company, such as a business function or brand.  These pages work like your Company Page, but allowing followers to engage in only what they are interested in. For example, Microsoft has 18 Showcase Pages, all with different target audiences:Although the Showcase Pages have fewer followers than the main Microsoft page of over 5 million, they each serve a different group with specific interests among Microsoft’s product line.

linkedin showcase pages

In addition to the above tips for success, LinkedIn for business has numerous features like tracking website conversions, contact targeting using your email or CRM lists, lead gen forms to use in your Ads that auto-fill with the LinkedIn member’s profile information when they click your ad, as well as website tracking, retargeting and advertising on the LinkedIn Audience Network, expanding your reach even further.

With all that LinkedIn offers businesses for marketing and advertising, it’s no wonder they are the preferred professional social media platform and the world’s largest at that.  Tracing back to the first question in this article, “Exactly what can you accomplish by using LinkedIn to market your business?”, I think the question should be “What can’t you accomplish by using LinkedIn to market your business?”.

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