Smart SEO

Search Marketing Starts with Smart SEO

Commerce begins online…it really is that simple.  Almost all non-impulse purchases begin online.

So if you want to grow your business it’s smart to start online too.

But what should you do?

Smart Search Engine Optimization.  But what is smart SEO?

  • Smart SEO generates leads, not just rankings.
  • Smart SEO increases your revenue, not just your placement in Google.
  • Smart SEO is for smart businesses who know that marketing is a process, not a silver bullet, and who want to grow.

Smart SEO is where you begin!

When a consumer begins their search are they going to find you or your competitors?

You NEED it to be you. How do you do it?

Let’s look at this through Google’s eyes for a moment. Who is Google’s customer?
What are they trying to accomplish?

Google’s customer is the web searcher. And Google is trying to display the most relevant, authoritative, educational and helpful sites it possible can.

Google knows if they show the best results, the searchers come back. And when the searchers come back, Google has another opportunity for them to click on a link that makes Google money.

That is Google’s business model.

Our business model is to make sure Google knows that your site is one of the best, one the most relevant, most educational and most helpful sites a searcher could possible hope for!

GoBeyond SEO services begin with comprehensive keyword research.

You need to know what you want to rank for before we can get you those high rankings.

Sounds simple, right? Maybe even too easy?

Let me ask you this:

Do you know how often your potential terms are searched?

Do you know how many sites are trying to rank for those terms?

Are your keyword ideas broad or are you targeting the long tail?

Is your website optimized for your target keyword terms?

How does Google read your site?

At GoBeyond SEO, our services help you get higher rankings and increase your revenue.
We advise you on how to present yourself to the Search Engines AND to your Customers.

Our Smart SEO approach will put your website in front of the people who need your services.

Sound good?

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