3 Ways Your Law Firm Website Should be Saving You Tons of Time

Generate Business Leads with WebsiteIf you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you know that a huge portion of your time is spent growing your business. You are constantly trying to find new customers for your business, follow up with those prospects, qualify those prospects, and potentially turn these folks into new customers.

It takes a lot of time!

If just reading the above paragraph makes you anxious and stressed, then you need some help finding and following up with potential customers for business. And you need the kind of help that saves time! Time is the most precious resource…it can never be replenished.

Let’s look at 3 ways your website should be saving you some valuable time.

1. Attracting New Prospects

Your website needs to become a well-oiled machine that attracts new prospects to your business on a consistent basis. There are 2 main ways to bring new visitors to your website – Social Media and SEO. And there is one way to consistently provide content that can be used in your social media and SEO campaigns – blogging.

Business Blogging

I know busy business owners and entrepreneurs don’t want to hear that they need to blog. You think it’s a time suck. So let’s re-frame the question.

Is it worth your time to produce a piece of content that will live forever and continuously attract new prospects to your site – perhaps even years after you have written it?

You know the answer to that question is yes!

So let’s get back to blogging. If you’ve tried blogging and it didn’t bring in new prospects or get you the exposure you wanted, contact us here and maybe we can help.

2. Auto-magically Follow Up with Prospects

If you’re getting new visitors to your site, and offering them real value, then folks are filling out forms and giving you their contact info.

Now that you have this contact info (namely an email address), it’s important that you actually follow up with these folks.

This is where the marketing automation magic really starts to begin.

You can separate prospects with lead segmentation and send them only relevant information. This is great because prospects for your Service A will only get emails about Service A. This makes it much more likely they will open and read your emails – instead of just deleting them – because they’ll be about something they are interested in.

The Power of Marketing Automation

If you’ve been marketing your business for any length of time, I’m sure you’re familiar with lead segmenting. Maybe you even set up a few marketing lists and separate your leads. If so…well done, you’re ahead of the pack.

Now it’s time to take things to the next level. Let your website save you a ton of time and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

What if….instead of just putting people into different lists based on their interest, you could perform different marketing tasks based on their actions?

For example….maybe right now you have a list of prospects for Service A. You send them updates on Service A. Maybe you even have a drip email nurturing sequence for them.

With marketing automation, you can take things to whole new level.

You can set it up so anyone interested in Service A who also visits your pricing page gets a certain email follow-up.

Others who are interested in Service A and visit your Contact Us page but don’t fill out the form will get a different follow-up.

And still others who are interested in Service A and visit your website over 5 times but never hit a certain page OR who visit again after being away for 3 months – they get another set of emails.

Are you seeing the possibilities here?

If you need help seeing what this kind of automation can do, send me an email with the subject line “I want to see a card trick” and I’ll send you a trick that will really get your juices flowing.

3. Qualify Your Prospects

Now that you’re saving time by having your website attract and follow up with new prospects, you don’t want to meet with every prospect from your site. Some won’t be ready for your products and services yet. Some prospects won’t ever be ready for you. Some prospects are still in the research phase.

You don’t want to waste your time individually qualifying each prospect, you want your website to do that for you.

The best way to accomplish that is to have information and offers on your site for all 3 stages of the buying cycle.

Top of the Funnel

Top of the funnel information and offers include blog posts and intro level ebooks. You want to have this kind of information for people in the research phase of the buying journey.

Middle of the Funnel

Middle of the funnel information includes case studies, whitepapers, and service guides. When people are interested in this kind of information, they are beginning to consider using your products and services and most likely vetting you against your competition.

Bottom of the Funnel

At this stage of the buying journey, your prospect is ready to make a purchase. If they joined your funnel near the top and have been nurtured all the way through by your content, making the sale should be relatively easy at this point.

The key at the bottom of the funnel is to have a higher perceived value offer than just “contact us.” Buyers don’t want to contact you because they know they are just going to be sold. You need to offer some real value at the bottom of the funnel and attract your prospects with that value.

How Much Time is Your Website Saving You?

If you implement these 3 techniques on your website and into your digital marketing you can easily save 80% of the time you currently spend attracting new prospects, following up with them, and qualifying them.

While there is a lot of effort in the beginning to get this machine working, it pays off in both time and money once it is all running in the background for you.

Turning your website and marketing automation into automated business development is the best thing you can do for your business this year.

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