6 Common Inbound Marketing Mistakes

inbound marketing mistakesStarting an inbound marketing campaign is the first step towards driving qualified leads to your website.  Congrats on taking the next step! Unfortunately inbound marketing is not a set-it & forget-it marketing plan.  The good news though, is that it’s easy to learn from common mistakes, to either prevent them before starting, or making changes as you go along.

Not Setting SMART Goals

In the blogpost written by Kim, she expalins SMART goals as “A SMART Goal is the acronym of a realistic, detailed, and actionable statement that defines your goals and what you’d like to accomplish.”


Without SMART goals in mind you’ll have absolutely no idea what you’re working towards, or if your efforts are making any difference.

Not Tracking & Analyzing Inbound Marketing Data

There are all sorts of different software companies that can help you with your inbound marketing.  What’s great about HubSpot and why we use it, is because of the tracking and analyzing it does for us.  I am not an analytical person so it’s great that I can simply look at 2 different Calls-To-Action and see which one is converting better; same with landing pages.  It’s clear right in front of you what blog posts are getting viewed, shared and commented on.

The point is, is that you have to look at data and make adjustments.  Split test landing pages and calls-to-action.  See what types of blog posts get the best responses.  Look at Google Analytics to see what pages on your website are weak, and make the necessary changes.  It’s easy to become complacent but if you want the campaign to work you have to track and analyze.

Weak and/or No Buyer Persona’s

Buyer persona’s are one of the most important aspects of Inbound Campaigns and for that reason alone they can’t be ignored.  They are basically the foundation for all of your content.  If you’re not putting serious effort into your buyer persona’s you may as well not do an inbound campaign.  You are setting yourself up for failure and no one wants a marketing campaign to fail.  Take the time to develop buyer persona’s and your are starting off on the right foot.

Inbound Marketing Campaigns That Ignore SEO

We love to hear when businesses are starting inbound marketing campaigns, whether it’s with us, a different agency, or by themselves.  We know if it’s done right it will work and they’ll spread the news.  Unfortunately too many businesses start an inbound campaign and they think this means that they can stop SEO.  The two go together hand-in-hand, so please don’t stop all your SEO efforts just because you’ve started inbound.

Not Re-Purposing Content

Developing quality content is hard! Which is why when you do develop a quality piece be sure to re-purpose it.  This can go for a whole bunch of different materials, both old and new.

Maybe you have some old PDF’s that can be re-purposed into eBooks.  An old flyer from a trade show might make a cool infographic.  This can also work the other.  A new eBook can be broken down into blog posts, and new infographics can be used as marketing materials offline. There are a bunch of different ways to re-purpose content.

Shiny Objects & Trying To Do It All

This is a common mistake that I always feel horrible about when I see people doing it, but at the same time it’s hard to blame them.  I know they are only doing it because they want great results.  They just don’t realize that they’re only hurting themselves.  Don’t get caught up in the latest trend because you overheard someone talking about.  Don’t try to be a social media expert of a platform you shouldn’t even be on anyway.  Inbound marketing doesn’t happen overnight so it’s important to stick to your goals, adjust your strategy and keep your eye on the prize.   It’s important to learn from your mistakes and evolve, but you do not have to become an expert overnight.

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