Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Marketing to Gen Z

marketing to gen z

It can be tempting to assume your target audience doesn’t include members of Generation Z. But you’d be short-sighted to cut them out of your market.

Consider that Gen Z is the most digitally connected generation, and they rely heavily on reviews when purchasing a product. What else is influencing Gen Z, and why do they matter in the grand scheme of your marketing efforts?

Here’s how to not let generational differences be a blind spot in your marketing. 

What’s Influencing Gen Z in the Market?

If you look at the events and factors that affect Gen Z, it’s truly fascinating to see how they could translate to your marketing. Gen Z members:

  • Live in a post 9/11 world 
  • Watched their parents struggle with money during the Great Recession
  • Witnessed some of the most vitriolic elections in history
  • Have owned smartphones since age 12 or earlier

It’s truly fascinating to see how these historic events are impacting this generation.

The older echelon of Gen Z is post-college and starting to make more in-depth purchases. Their childhood was impacted by the Great Recession, their purchase decisions are influenced more than ever by reviews and referrals, and having a smartphone in their pocket makes them more educated about what they want to buy and why.

How Gen Z Is Shaping the Market

Young Millennials and Gen Z are drastically changing how purchase decisions are made, and small businesses need to adapt. These young people are also more apt to start a small business and infinitely more encouraged to have a say in the purchases their PARENTS make. And yes, you read that correctly!

Parents are leveraging the knowledge and consumer discernment of their young adult offspring.

Gen X and older millennial parents of Gen Z are more collaborative with their children than the Boomers or Silent Generation. Parents trust and rely upon the feedback of their children, especially when it comes to technology purchases or finding well-reviewed products.

Some fun facts about Gen Z as a viable market:

  • They are true digital natives
  • They are financially minded despite their age
  • They are shrewd consumers
  • They are entrepreneurial
  • They are influencers

So how can you prioritize visibility and solicit reviews or referrals, both for Gen Z and the rest of your target market? 

Claim Your GMB to Improve Your Reach

One of the most important things a small business can do online is to claim their Google My Business (GMB) page and actively pursue reviews. Although it may seem arbitrary, the significance of this task grows every day.

If you have the knowledge and time to do so, claim your GMB page and be sure to include posts, images and make sure your NAP data is correct (Name, Address, Phone number). You’ll also want to reach out to happy clients and encourage them to leave reviews.

If this sounds like a lot of work, our team at GoBeyond offers software that can automate this process for you. We can set it up in no time and have you up and running before you can say ‘delegate and outsource’.
Click here to schedule a short demo for our Review and Referral Booster Plan. It’s very efficient and inexpensive when building your GMB page to reach all your customers, not just Gen Z!


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