Words we live by (code of ethics)

The Why behind it all

Client Exclusivity

GoBeyond SEO will not accept new clients in competition with any client’s current contracted keywords. This extends as far as the keyword phrase(s) that their SEO contract is specifically targeting during the breadth of the initial promotion contract. The keywords or phrases covered by exclusivity must be agreed upon with GoBeyond SEO before commencement.

Flexible Pricing

We offer month-to-month pricing. This keeps the pressure on us to perform and puts our clients at ease.

Honestly Honest

We will not misrepresent our industry or the efforts it takes to produce search engine rankings for our clients.

Competitor Fairness

We will not misrepresent the services of our competitors or the results any competitor might produce for their clients.

No Cookie Monsters

We will not feed misinformation to a search engine.

Ownership Rights

We will never intentionally violate any copyright law nor will we knowingly infringe on any trademark.


GoBeyond SEO will protect the confidentiality of our clients. Any Email and contact information will not be shared with any 3rd party without client permission.

Quality Information

GoBeyond SEO representatives will always strive to provide quality information to all inquiries.

Going Beyond

GoBeyond SEO will always strive to provide the best quality search engine results and maintenance

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