Why Your Law Firm Marketing Plan Must Include Call Tracking

law firm phone trackingIf your law firm marketing plan doesn’t include tracking phone calls, you’re missing out on a ton of benefits.  In order to optimize your firms success, lower costs, run better campaigns, and grow your firm, call tracking needs to be a part of your strategy.

Let’s highlight the top reasons your law firm needs to track phone calls

Measure Law Firm Marketing Campaign Effectiveness & Get True ROI

When most people build a landing page and send Adwords or Facebook traffic to it, they’re only thinking about form submissions.  Those are incredibly easy to track, so most people stop there.  I can tell you right now, when you’re running a marketing campaign for your law firm you will get more phone calls than form submissions.

If your phone number isn’t prominently displayed on the page you will lose dozens of leads.

Not only will you miss potential leads you’ll have no idea what the true ROI of your campaign is.  Tracking numbers aren’t just for landing pages either.  They can (and should be) used on mailers, billboards and tv & radio commercials.  Without a proper tracking number you have no clue if potential clients are calling because of a Google search or targeted marketing.

Call Recording for Law Firms

Ever hear something like this, “This call will be recorded & monitored for training purposes”? While that may be true, recording conversations is also a great tool for marketing.

Are your employees properly qualifying leads?  What time of day brings phone calls with the best potential? How can you improve turning leads into clients?

All of these questions can easily be answered if you’re using a call tracking service.

Keyword Tracking

Let’s say someone calls your law firm and your receptionist asks how they found you; their response is Google.  Great, now what?  With call tracking not only will you know what search engine they used, you’ll know the keyword they typed into the search engine to find you.  When you’re running paid ads this is incredibly valuable.

Let’s say your a divorce lawyer running PPC ads.  You take a look at your call data and see that a majority of the calls your firm is getting say something like, ‘divorce lawyers for women’ or ‘best divorce lawyer for women’ or ‘divorce lawyers near me for women’.

Nearly every call generated from your ad & landing page has the word “women” in it.  How valuable would that information be?  Obviously your ad and landing page is appealing to women.  Now you can start shifting budget from keywords that aren’t converting, and it put it towards keywords that are.

You’ll continue to spend the same amount of money, but now you’ve easily increased the amount of leads.

Remember, in order to double your leads, you need to either double your traffic or double your conversion rate….and traffic costs money.  By simply putting your money towards keywords that convert,  you’ll increase your leads without increasing the costs. Right there the phone tracking has paid for itself.

Law Firm Call Management

This may not be true for all call tracking software, but the one we use and recommend goes way beyond call & keyword tracking.  We can setup all sorts of extras like call forwarding & scheduling, interactive menus (press 1 for DUI, 2 for Divorce) and more!

Never miss a call again, even if you’re out of the office.

If you’re a small firm or a solo-practice this is a great way to present a bigger image and it can even act as a receptionist for a fraction of the cost.

Call Tracking for Law Firms

Call tracking boasts many powerful features that can help bring in more leads, turn those leads into clients and decrease spend.  This can also be done for a few dollars a month, and it’s incredibly easy to implement.  It’s time to start making phone tracking part of your law firm marketing plan.

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