What You’re Missing in Your Lead Generation Strategies

lead generation - what you're missing

Traffic to a website means nothing if it doesn’t convert into leads. Put a group of marketers in a room and ask them what their lead generation strategy is, and you’ll get many different strategies. Why? There’s isn’t just one way to turn prospects into buyers. Unfortunately, not all lead generation strategies are effective. Most of them are missing a key component to conversion. 

The Missing Component in Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Let’s imagine a bullseye. You’re getting ready to shoot or throw a dart – what are you focused on? The middle right? 

Now, even though you’re focused on the middle of the bullseye, you may not hit it. You may get close, but that’s okay, you still score higher than hitting the outside of the target. 

Lead generation is very similar. It’s all about the target when it comes to lead generation strategies. 

What is your target?

You’re likely thinking, “Well, that’s obvious – I want more customers.” That’s where most people go wrong. 

The goal is to bring in more customers – just like the goal is to score higher points than your opponent. The target is different. It’s what you’re aiming for in your lead generation strategies. 

lead generation strategies

What Is the Target? 

The target is your audience. What kind of people do you want to market to that will easily convert to leads? These people should possess specific characteristics, such as:

  • They have a problem your service or product can solve. 
  • They are motivated to solve the problem. 

What is a problem your service or product can solve? A family lawyer may respond with, “My clients want custody of their children but their ex-spouse also wants custody.” Since your specialty is in custody cases, you can solve their problem. Those looking for help with getting full custody are motivated because they really want to care for their children or they feel their ex-spouse is an unfit parent. 

The above is obvious, but let’s take a look at a different scenario. 

A home health agency wants to improve their lead generation strategies. Their clients are not necessarily the end user of their services. Many seniors don’t want to move into an assisted living facility, but instead, prefer to remain in the comfort of their home. Depending on the home health agency, there may be several options to solve that problem. Some home health agencies ha Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) that can keep clients live safely and healthy in their home. Other agencies may offer companion care or personal care in addition to CNA services. 

In the above example, the target audience is not the person who needs the services. The person who will buy the services is likely going to be a family member. To solve this problem from a marketing perspective, you’ll just need to shift your focus.

Once you have the right audience for your lead generation strategy, you can move on to crafting your marketing. GoBeyondSEO has a proven process called The Predictable Leads System™. We take your current offline sales tactics and rebuild them into highly targeted online campaigns. Our online campaigns postion your marketing in front of the right people, when they’re ready to buy, with a compelling message that converts. THAT is what makes lead generation effective. 

Moving On with the Target

Once you have the target for your lead generation strategy, you can move on to the marketing. GoBeyondSEO has a system called The Predictable Leads System™. We  take your current offline sales processes and rebuild them for targeted online campaigns. Our online campaigns put your marketing in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message. THAT is what makes lead generation effective. 

To discover more about our system, schedule a free – no obligation – 45 minute strategy session right here:


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