Why Choose GoBeyond


Our Origin Story

GoBeyond SEO was founded with a simple and straightforward mission: to offer exceptional digital marketing results with a high-end customer service experience.

Brian and Trish Saemann took their years of 5-Star hospitality training and countless hours of self-taught lessons on SEO and online marketing to help struggling businesses achieve unprecedented success.

At its inception, small business owners were navigating the murky waters of both the financial crisis and the uncharted world of online marketing. GoBeyond was there.

Through innovative strategy, customized consultations, and hundreds of happy clients, GoBeyond generated millions in revenue for small business owners.

While the world has changed, our mission has not.

Today our team has innovated. Our process has been refined. We’ve adjusted our sails to the changing winds.

Facing yet another economic upheaval, we are here to answer the call.

Go BEYOND is not just our name: It is our promise.

Meet The Team

Our Core Values We Develop Strategies, Create Content, Build Products, Launch Campaigns, Design Systems And Then Some — All To Inspire The People Our Brands Care About Most.

brian saemann founder of gobeyond charlotte seo company

Brian Saemann

trish saemann founder of gobeyond seo charlotte

Trish Saemann

Dan Cooley

Yulia Dianova

Eleanor Thompson

Samantha Robbins

Welcome to GoBeyond Rewards!

At GoBeyond, we love to reward the people who refer us with financial gifts. The clients received through referrals have been some of our best and strongest relationships. Since we’ve had so much success with clients who have been referred to us, we decided to bring our referral program to the next level! The program is simple. Send a referral, if they close, we send you money.

For referrals who need a website: – $250 Reward (cash or gift card)

For referrals who need digital marketing services: – $500 Reward (cash or gift card)

Your Reward will be sent to you digitally or through snail mail. Your choice. It’s that simple!

Our best referrals are for businesses that people search for online. Those businesses prioritize having a beautiful website (which we build), generating leads online (which we do), and having strong digital visibility within their market (this is our JAM).

In short, if the business has a website or needs a website, we can help them.

We would change their business for the better, obviously. But specifically, we provide the services below. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather what we do most often (and the best!)

  • Website Building and Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click (Google or Facebook/Instagram Ads)
  • Reputation Management (Reviews, Referrals, Surveys, WebChat)
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Email Campaign Creation and Funnel management
  • Blog and Content Writing

We’ve made this step very simple as well. Just copy this email and send it to trish@gobeyondseo.com and whomever you’re referring:



 I hope this email finds you both well.

 Trish, I’d like to introduce you to JANE DOE of ACME CONSULTING. He/She is looking for SERVICES or SOME HELP WITH THEIR WEBSITE/DIGITAL MARKETING and is exploring their options. I mentioned your name and your company as a potential vendor.

 I hope this connection works out for both of you.

 Take Care,

 Your Name

Feel free to use any language you feel is appropriate, but this template is meant to make things easier for you.

Send this email to Trish Saemann: Trish@GoBeyondSEO.com as well as to your referral. I will take it from there.

Not only will you have my deepest and heartfelt thanks, you’ll also have some cash to boot!

Once we’ve closed the business and first payment is received, we will send your reward, THAT DAY!

Thanks for your interest in our Rewards Program and I literally can’t wait to send you some cold hard cash.

If this seems too good to be true or you just have additional questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.


Brian Saemann is a certified inbound marketing nerd and overall marketing junkie. Graduating from the University of Scranton with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy stunted Brian’s career for only 10 years – not the lifetime his professors warned him about. When he isn’t contemplating an inbound marketing strategy, you can find Brian reading Seth GodinSteven Pressfield or James Altucher. Outside of that he is usually hanging out with his family or daydreaming that he lived on a beach. Brian was recently featured in Salesgenie’s Expert Interview Series. Head there to read his take on effective marketing strategies.


  1. Brian’s first job was Gravedigger at a Pet Cemetery. He’s not creepy – we promise – he was just too young to work the mower so they gave him a shovel.
  2. Brian fancies himself a “semi-professional” poker player and, according to Card Player Magazine, has 4 career cashes worth $3,087.
  3. Brian used to read the newspaper over the radio to blind people…do they still print newspapers?
  4. Brian often wonders how long it will take for Americans to wonder, “Why do we say roll down the window, we don’t roll anything?”
  5. If Brian could do only one thing on his bucket list it would be to spend the spring walking across the Alps, stopping in every little town along the way.

After graduating cum laude from Georgian Court University with a dual major in English/Psychology and minors in Marketing, Spanish and Philosophy, Trish packed up her ’95 Civic and took the scenic route across the country. Having creatively collaborated with the likes of Saturn, Beauty Brands and Family Dollar, she now shows others how to make the most of their experience and express their message effectively. When she’s not racing all over the Charlotte area, you will find Trish extolling the virtues of good beer or good tea to anyone who’ll listen, cooking with reckless abandon and chasing her red-headed boys through the local parks.


  1. Her foul shot percentage is 84%
  2. As a child she had several exotic pets including: rabbits, snakes, newts, hermit crabs, doves, parakeets, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats and dogs. As an adult, she is allergic to several of the above
  3. Writes poetry, have some poems published in the Library of congress and had dinner with the late Allen Ginsberg
  4. Lived in Reno for 8 years and both dealt and played poker regularly
  5. Can speak Spanish proficiently

Dan is a social media junkie, a film maker and obsessive content consumer and creator from Monmouth County, NJ. For 11 years, Dan has been an acting teacher and theater director throughout the state and New York City. Living the indie artists lifestyle, Dan is no stranger to taking project from conception to distribution under an extremely tight deadline. At the end of the day, Dan’s great love has always been storytelling. His big Irish family taught him the importance of a good yarn before he is able to remember. They also taught him that to really know someone, you must walk in their shoes. Dan tries to bring this to every project that he is involved in.


  1. Dan is passionate about helping kids fight bullying. He is he founder of a successful theater company of kids and teens who perform all over the state of New Jersey.
  2. Dan spends way too much time thinking about Game of Thrones and other fantasy novels.
  3. Has a cat named “Lil’D” was raised in prison. (No, really. He was a service cat!)
  4. Dan’s first job was as a busboy. He was so friendly to the customers that the owner called him “The Mayor”.
  5. Dan and his wife Becky are masters at the license plate game

Kristy is an Assistant & Coordinator of Awesome. She has worked extensively in academic administration and brings a varied wealth of knowledge. As a self-starter, she is ready to take on news projects and see them through to completion. Always curious, Kristy is an avid researcher and delights in the challenge of learning new skills.

When Kristy isn’t organizing or researching something, you can find her listening to a true crime podcast, re-watching How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory and coming up with some crazy shenanigan for her family’s next adventure.


  1. Kristy prefers the Harry Potter books over the movies. Her favorite book is The Prisoner of Azkaban and her favorite character is Luna Lovegood. Ravenclaw house. She just started her 8-year-old son on listening to the books.
  2. Kristy has a nail technician license, esthetician license, medical assisting certification, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree. She didn’t get her full cosmetology license because she can barely do her own hair, she shouldn’t be trusted with someone else’s.
  3. She doesn’t know how to gamble but is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. She moved to Colorado three months before her 21st birthday.
  4. Her high school graduating class consisted of only 20 people.
  5. Kristy loves gift giving. One of her great joys in life is finding the “perfect” gift.
Kristy Elias

Eleanor is a self-confessed process geek who loves getting into the nitty gritty. Originally from the UK and still possessing a ‘funny accent’ Eleanor has proved that the ability to adapt is key in both her personal and professional life. Having started her career as an analyst in investment banking and moving to client management she learned that working with clients and helping them through process and change is incredibly rewarding. She has been working for small businesses for over 10 years diving in, working on strategy and standardizing process and is lucky enough to love what she does. An avid traveller, cook and sports enthusiast Eleanor keeps herself very active, knowing that trying new things ensures she is constantly developing and using the best of her knowledge for her team.


1. Eleanor drove across America visiting 27 states, and writing a book in the process. Not a very good book, but we all have one inside us right?!

2. Her favourite sport is sailing, racing numerous classes of boat and perhaps crashing into the odd superyacht.

3. Eleanor has broken both legs and both arms, not at the same time thankfully, doing sport. She loves sport but is evidently clumsy.

4. She spends more time reading than is humanly possible (quoted by family members) and perhaps should have been a librarian.

5. Is addicted to tea and has, unashamedly, become a tea snob.





Samantha is a nomad artist originally from New York. A learning enthusiast, she is a self-taught photographer, web designer/developer, and graphic designer. In 2010, she started her professional career in photography and design, building a successful small business in Southeastern NC.

Sam made the transition from photography to graphic and web design/development when she discovered her passion for working with small businesses. She believes that design is a language of its own. Developing an idea or a feeling into an innovative, engaging brand…. It’s a beautiful thing!

When she is not working on her next project, Sam loves to travel with her kids, listen to music and watch reruns of StarTek.


1. Samantha is totally into Patrick Stewart.

2. Samantha’s favorite animals are llamas and alpacas. She aspires to have a few of her own one day… weirdo.

3. Sam has been to over ten countries on a mission to try their most popular foods and cocktail beverages.

4. Scary movies are Sam’s jam.

5. Sam is an avid karaoke lover.