law firm calls to action

Is the Free Consultation Dead?

We’ve all seen it online or heard it in an ad…”call today for a free consultation”.  Everyone from the solo-attorneys to the huge law firm practices have been offering ‘free consultations’ for years. Law Firm Calls-to-Action In the marketing world a ‘free consultation’ is called a call-to-action (CTA).  It’s the thing you’re trying to get

law firm marketing

5 Essential Elements of Your Law Firm Marketing Landing Page

When you’re running an online marketing campaign for your law firm it’s important to send qualified traffic to pages that will convert i.e landing pages. Traffic, whether it’s organic, from social media or coming from paid sources like Google Adwords or Facebook,  needs to be sent to a page that will maximize the conversions. We

legal leads system

Get Your Law Firm Marketing Plan Back on Track with Our Legal Leads System

Do you ever feel like your marketing company is lagging behind? You’ve got the website; you have some leads. Your marketing partner says they’re working hard—but what’s actually happening behind the scenes? We’ve seen way too many clients who have trusted their law firm marketing plan in the hands of people who appear competent and

Charlotte Knights Baseball

Favorite Charlotte Sports Teams

Billy Saemann, Director of Internet Marketing – Charlotte Hounds Having grown up on Long Island I’ll always be a Mets & Jets fan (more often than not, unfortunately) but I’ve grown to love and support some of my new home teams. I love going to Hornets games and the Panthers can be fun to watch,

Charlotte Networking Groups

3 Charlotte Networking Groups You Should Join

As the primary source of business development for our organization, I leverage the powerful and supportive business community here in Charlotte. I’ve never experienced a city that supports its local businesses as well as Charlotte. While there are many organizations from which to choose, the groups I’m currently involved with are as follows: 1. BLOC