Branding Services

Brand Identity - Mission Statement

Our branding services will provide a well-crafted mission statement that will serve as the north star for your business. It will set the tone for your brand’s identity and values, and it will help create a sense of direction and focus for your organization. A strong, clear mission statement not only inspires and motivates employees but also resonates with customers and builds brand loyalty.

Brand Voice - Content Creation

Search engines like Google and Bing favor websites that regularly publish original, high-quality content. Doing so signals to search engines that your website is active and relevant, which can improve your website’s search engine rankings.

When you consistently share informative, engaging content, you establish your brand as an authority in the industry and build trust with your audience.

Brand Guidelines - Style Guide

With a well-crafted style guide, your business can establish a strong and recognizable identity, building trust with your target audience and setting you apart from your competitors.

A comprehensive style guide is an essential tool to ensure your business has a consistent and cohesive brand identity across all marketing channels.

Branding SERVICES Benefits & Expected Results:

Many people don’t realize how much a clear and cohesive brand influences their decisions, but it does. If your brand language and appearance feels chaotic and disorganized, the message is that your business is too.

If I were to say this to you “15 minutes or more could save you…”, I’m sure you could finish the sentence and share what company that statement represents. Branding matters.

When branding is clear, it’s not just clear to your client base. It is also clear to your team. Whether your team is dealing with a customer service request, introducing something new to the market, or even interacting with one another, the brand is the common denominator that informs all correspondence.

Branding Services - WHAT’S INCLUDED:


Common Questions

Branding is important as it involves clearly positioning your company or product in the market, devising a strategy to market your brand, possibly creating your name, defining your company’s tone of voice and designing corporate and/or product identity.

A logo is akin to a hood ornament or emblem on a car. It will help distinguish you, but it won’t drive the vehicle forward. A brand is much more than a logo! While brand colors and a logo can feel like a good start, without a full brand, they will likely fail to connect with your audience.

We are not in the practice of saying that anyone “has to” do anything. That said, with something as foundational as your company’s brand, most business owners decide to retain a branding expert.

Though the process should take about a month, but it can really depend on the client. When our branding clients are responsive and offer revisions or feedback in a timely manner, we can turn it around within a couple of weeks.

Branding is the foundation to marketing. Establishing a clear brand identity defines how every piece of marketing should look and sound.

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