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How to Get More Conversions Through Convenience

Are you familiar with Entenmann’s cookies?

The chocolate-dipped donuts. The marbled or lemon pound cake. The chocolate chip cookies. Many people have childhood memories filled with Entenmann’s goodies, whether you had them at your house or a friend’s house.

So what does this have to do with marketing? Quite a bit.

It’s a fact: Entenmann’s is not the best brand of store-bought cookies, donuts, or pound cakes.

They’re not the cheapest.

They’re not the healthiest.

So why are they so incredibly popular?

They’re the brand on the end cap in the grocery store, for all the world to see. Temptation is the hobgoblin of opportunity.

Convenience = Conversions

So now you’re thinking, “I don’t sell cookies. I provide professional services. People don’t buy what I sell on impulse, and they can’t find it in a grocery store.”

All true. However, your audience is still human and still values convenience.

So how can you make the purchase process more convenient?

Not all marketing efforts are designed to directly impact sales. Some efforts are more for awareness, PR, or education. These efforts will indirectly impact your sales, and tracking true conversions is not the priority. 

However, if the goal of your marketing efforts is to directly impact sales, much like the end cap filled with beloved cookies, all correspondence should include the following three things:

1. Crystal clear and compelling benefits for your client.

This is what’s in it for them. Quick, compelling, convenient.

2. Crystal clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

This is why they should buy specifically from you. Decision making made easy.

3. Crystal clear Call-to-Action (CTA).

The next step that should be done RIGHT NOW.

Though you can’t put your services on an end cap in a grocery store, you CAN make the decision-making process simple and convenient for your client. Identify the benefits, make using you an easy decision, and outline the next steps.

BOOM. They have your cookies in their shopping cart.

How to Create a Landing Page That Will Convert

Let’s say you’re not directly corresponding with your clients, but rather drawing in a ton of traffic to your website or landing page, but seeing a poor conversion rate. How can you really draw clients in and make getting them to take that next step as easy and painless as putting a box of Entenmann’s donuts in their cart? 

Tip #1: When possible, use human faces on your landing page, your blogs, and your social media posts. People respond to people, so encourage the connection. When people feel connected, they close faster.

Tip #2: If you sell a product, be sure to use photos of the actual product or people with the product to convert better.

Tip #3: When possible, support your claims with happy client testimonials. Social proof is a powerful elixir.

Here’s the best part in all of this: Offering up convenience is easier for you too. Decision making is labor intensive, and for all of you professional service providers out there, your clients are likely both overwhelmed and intimidated by the process. That’s why they’re looking for an expert. Like you.

Making the process smooth and painless is the fastest way to close more sales.

Is your conversion process all about you, or is it as convenient as possible for your clients? Get in touch with us at GoBeyond SEO to discover more about how you can boost your conversions with the right approach!

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