“You can’t change the wind,
but you can adjust your sails.”

“You can’t change the wind,
but you can adjust your sails.”

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"I hired GoBeyond because my online lead flow was slow, I was getting visits to my website but not enough people reaching out for services. GoBeyond did an amazing job! Their system brings me consistent, high-quality leads that actually turn into clients. It's now 7 years later and I'm at, or near, capacity, all the time. If you need good leads, you really should talk to GoBeyond, they executed a real strategy and have been a genuine partner."
Dave Taylor

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Growing up in an isolated northern city, Yulia learned early that acquiring new skills was the best way to stay busy, which has led to a rather diverse skill set including speaking a foreign language, cooking, knitting, skating, and proficiency in a wide array of productivity software. Self-motivation and disdain for imperfection has allowed her to distill important information from what is at hand, a valuable skill that helped steer her through Master’s Degree programs in Physics and Public Relations.

Yulia started her career with the United Nations, transitioned through various communications and teaching positions, ultimately coming to focus on serving a diverse set of truly committed clients as an independent Public Relations Consultant. The rapidly evolving digital PR space has provided ample opportunity for professional challenge, and she has come to acquire a unique set of digital marketing skills that have made her a respected and successful Inbound Marketing consultant. Yulia prefers working with small to medium size businesses, assisting them to find traction in the noisy and chaotic digital marketing space. Her web-design, SEO, digital advertising skills and expert guidance have helped businesses across countless market niches to prosper.


5 Things you don’t Know About Yulia:

  1. Yulia volunteers her time to save nearly extinct species, such as Amur tigers and arctic foxes.

  2. She thinks that freezing outside temperatures create the perfect moment for a nice stroll in the park.

  3. Her favorite beverage is tea (but this is just one of the requirements to be on the GBS team;)

  4. Her appreciation of wildlife is not extended to crickets. They are monsters.

  5. In spite of a love for larger, more intelligent dog breeds such as German Shepherd, she has a spoiled small dog that has been described as a Swiffer Duster.